Saturday, January 26, 2013

# 25 of 365 for January 25, 2013

     Today was a cold, gray day.  Normally I don't take landscape pictures when the sky is that whitish, gray color, and texture-less......  you know the gray that wants to show up in my pictures as a blown sky.  I love nice pretty blue skies with big fluffy clouds or even dark gray, stormy looking skies..... but the dull whitish gray skies .............  well I am not to excited about shooting those, even with hdr it is hard to get much life into the sky.

    But today as I stood looking out the kitchen window washing dishes I realized I don't see those days as unattractive.  No maybe they aren't my favorite color days but I still find beauty in them.  I love to watch the layers of fog lift in the mountains and see the raindrops hanging on the branches.

     So I braved the cold and fine, misty, rain and went out with my camera to challenge myself and see if I could capture some of the beauty I could see, even on a dull, cold, gray day.  After all..... life has it's gray days too, yet I find I am always much happier if I look for, focus on, and embrace the beauty in the gray :)


  1. Lovely shot. And you are so right, even normal things or grey days have their own beauty if only we open our eyed to it.

  2. The depth of this shot is fantastic and filled with beauty.

  3. You succeeded finding a beautiful shot on a gray day.