Tuesday, January 31, 2012

26 of 365 Simple Blessings.  I have been thinking about how some simple things are really blessings.  Like a good cup of coffee.  Of course if you can play with it and use it for photos too, then that makes it a double blessing :)
27 of 365 Simple Blessings Tapioca Pudding.  I love home made tapioca pudding.... such a simple thing yet a blessing.
28 of 365 The theme for today is tired.  I am drawn to the details in old vintage watches.  I think this one fits the part of "tired".  The corrosion and rust on the tiny little parts make it look tired.  I am not sure how old it is but by the engravings in the case it was in operation and in for repair or cleaning in 1930 so yeah, I think it would qualify for tired.
29 of 365 Tired.  This is the face of the same watch.  I love the delicateness of the design and engravings.
30 of 365  "Fun"  I have recently rediscovered the joys of sewing!  Somehow it is so much more fun to sew since I have a little granddaughter to make skirts and dresses for.  I was trying to think of a creative way to shoot it and came up with this idea.  I have recently (last 3 weeks) made her 10 skirts and now a dress..... see I really, really love to sew for her.
31 of 365 I switched back to the theme of simple blessings.  Just simple ingredients like sugar, flour, salt, butter, vanilla, eggs.....  add a few chocolate chips and yum yum :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

My theme is still macro.

Celery........ up real close.

Macro 22 of 365

These are old vintage watches.  The insides are filled with all kinds of tiny little intricate parts.
23 of 365 Macro
24 of 365 Macro
25 of 365 Macro

A Picture For Each Day (My 365 Project)

I decided to take a picture for each day in 2012.  I won't necessarily take one every day, some days I will take more than one and maybe some days I will take none.... but I plan to post a photo for each day for the entire year.  I will loosely follow a suggested list part of the time and part of the time I will just shoot what pleases me.  I am hoping the challenge of shooting different things will improve my photography and I am sure it will help me see the beauty around me.

My first subject was Newness.

A New Day  1 of 365
A New Work Day 2 of 365

My new theme is cold.
Cold Michigan Morning  3 of 365
Cold Michigan Morning   4 of 365
Cold Michigan Morning 5 of 365
Cold Michigan Morning   6 of 365
Cold Michigan Morning  7 of 365
Cold Michigan Morning   8 of 365
Cold    9 of 365

My new theme is "Breakfast".
Out for Breakfast 10 of 365
Out For Breakfast    11 of 365

Breakfast 12 of 365
Breakfast 13 of 365
Breakfast 14 of 365
Breakfast 15 of 365
Breakfast 16 of 365
Macro 17 of 365
Macro 18 of 365
Macro 19 of 365
Macro 20 of 365
Macro 21 of 365