Thursday, January 24, 2013

#23 of 365 for Wednesday January 23, 2013

I was traveling and thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent display of colors as the sun went down in the west.  I enjoyed all the shades of light it cast across the landscape, from hues of red and orange to purplish skies as the red mixed with the blue sky....  it's really amazing to watch a sunset.... really watch all the changes that take place in a few short minutes.  I really wanted to just stop my trip and shoot everything bathed in the beautiful light but since I didn't have time for that I watched for a place to get a quick snap to capture the beautiful colors.   Finally I found a long driveway I could pull over in with some trees I could silhouette in my picture.

Colors of Sunset

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  1. Beautiful sky. I totally sympathize with the dilemma of finding a way to photograph it. WHy do we see all these beautiful opportunities when we are on a highway with no way to pull over or just out for a message without a camera? Glad you made the extra effort to capture this.