Wednesday, May 8, 2013

#128 of 365

Wow!  What a difference 10 days made!  If you remember I took this picture on April 27th.  I went out specifically looking for buds or leaves that were out and found only a few.


I had to travel to TN for a funeral. Today, 11 days after I took the picture above, everything is green! There are bushes and trees bloomed out, tulips bloomed and it is 77 degrees! Wow I am thrilled spring has arrived in Michigan.... finally :)


  1. Beautiful color combination. I'm glad Spring has finally made its way to MI.

  2. Your lilac is a bit ahead of mine,
    but mine is colouring up too. I swear one of my peony plants has grown about 4 inches seemingly overnight! Yay spring!
    Your shot is lovely with the misty green background.

  3. Yeah for spring at last! It came suddenly here as well.

  4. Love Spring - my lilac is starting to bud too!