Wednesday, December 18, 2013

#350 of 365

Oh some days I just love the gps on my iphone.... like this day when it routed us off the main road onto a beautiful snowy road...... with no traffic!  Not only was it a beautiful scene to shoot, but we could stop without fear of traffic.  Now I would rather not have the signs in the picture but we were on the way to return the animals we used in our Christmas nativity and we were pulling a cattle trailer, so I couldn't be too picky about where DH could finally get the truck stopped :)  I did ask him to stop one more time and he did but we had a hard time getting the truck to move again afterward so I decided maybe stopping in the heavy snow with the trailer wasn't such a good idea :)


  1. Ahhhh....that looks wonderful. I am hoping for some snow up in the mountains so I can get a winter fix.

  2. Beautiful composition JoAnn! I think the signs add an extra element to the picture. It makes it seem like you're telling a story and not just creating an image that looks "super-natural" and un-real. Just my opinion though:) Great job... I love it!

  3. breath-taking winter wonderment.