Saturday, December 7, 2013

#341 of 365 for Saturday, Dec 7, 2013

I decided I would bundle up and go for a walk along Pine River and see if I could find anything to shoot.  Oh my it was so cold.  I didn't go very far at all until I decided it was much to cold to venture far from my car to shoot.  The Pine River is partially frozen over and I guess the wind was made colder by blowing across the ice.... anyway it was so cold it was painful to my face so I shot quick and headed back to the warmth of my car.  There are hundreds of Canadian geese on Pine River.... just sitting there on the ice.   You can see some of them in this picture. We have a few that stay here year around but not nearly this many.  I checked the temp and it was about 20 degrees.... you would think they would head south to warmer weather.

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  1. Oh yes, it is cold here in Montana too - haven't seen a temp above zero in a week. Supposed to be 3 tomorrow, which will be like a full on heat wave. But it sure does cramp the photography style.

    I love this photo and how crisp your colors are! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope to get something posted soon.