Friday, May 18, 2012

#138 of 365 for May 18, 2012

I liked the morning light so well, I decided to go back at sunset and shoot the geese again :)  It proved to be quiet a challenge to get the geese into the spots I needed them in.  They got so accustomed to me they only wanted to walk around with their heads down picking grass.  If I stood up and moved they would watch me until I became still again preparing to shoot them...... then go back to picking grass.  There are a few more on my regular blog too.


  1. We have a huge gathering of Canadian Geese that reside in the golf course. Every time I even remotely show any sign of getting close to take pictures they make haste. Wonderful sunset shots.

  2. that reflection in the second shot is really cool. and the color is quite dramatic!