Friday, October 18, 2013

#291 of 365 for Friday October 18, 2013

Well today I set out determined to shoot something besides individual leaves.  I was thinking that my images on Tuesday and Wednesday were so similiar and might be boring to those who view my blog if I continued to shoot the same things.  So I head to the garden and get all focused on shooting a pretty little zinnia, still blooming there, as if it didn't know our temps were getting down in the low 40s and soon to be 30s.  I quickly decided I needed a lower view and looked at the ground to find a spot to drop down onto without crushing a flower.... but look what was directly below me!
It was all covered with dew drops and gently kissed by the early morning sunbeams.... just begging to be shot!  So eventhough I had the best of intentions as far as not boring all of you with leaf shots I did it again.  I just couldn't help myself :)  Oh but I did eventually manage to go on and shoot the flower
I was struck by the paleness of it's colors.... this really looks like a spring shot instead of a fall shot.


  1. I love that single leaf photo . . . beautiful :)

  2. I am never bored by individual leaf shots---I think of each leaf as a miniature canvas, painted by a Master. Keep 'em coming.

  3. The zinnia is pretty but don't shun the leaves...I'm thinking back to last February when I was so sick of brown and grey I would have killed for a fall leaf.Enjoy them while you have them.