Sunday, April 28, 2013

#116 of 365 for Sunday, April 28 2013

 We have just a few teeny tiny green leaves popping out now but not very many.  Yesterday was nice, warm, and sunny so hopefully in a few more days we will be seeing some more spring green here in Michigan.  I found this little bud while walking along the river.  I tried to shoot it outside but you can forget getting macro shots in windy Michigan.  I took a little branch with me and shot it in the car while waiting for DH to go in at Walmart.  Even in the car I had to put up the window because the wind was blowing through the car and making the little bud sway back and forth. 


  1. Pussy willow? We have those down at the river near our house, and the same challenge with the wind! Great shot!

  2. Excellent detail -it does look like a pussy willow.