Wednesday, December 12, 2012

# 346 of 365 for Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012

This little cutie's mother lets me baby sit her sometimes.  I am trying to teach her to like having her picture taken.  I work with her a little bit each time I have her.  I think this is about my 3rd attempt :)  If I ask her if she wants her picture taken of course she says no.  So, I got the little tea party set up on the backdrop and just waited for her to notice.  Pretty soon she ask to get up on the table and play with the tea pot and cup.  These are just mismatched pieces that I wouldn't be upset if they got chipped or broken.  At two years of age her coordination doesn't make it easy for her to "pour" tea without bumping the pot and cup together. 

She poured the imaginary tea, and took the lid off the pot, and inspected it, giving me a few cute smiles and I snapped away.  Pretty soon she tired of it and we moved on to something else.  I thought I would try again in a little bit but she wanted her pretty dress off and her jammies on, so  that is what we did. 

Later when I looked at these pictures I had 8 that were useable.  I was pretty happy with that.  I checked the exif data and discovered we took pictures for two minutes and thirtyseven seconds!  That was as long as her attention span could stand :)  But I wanted to be sure and quit without making her dislike having her picture taken..... I wanted it to be fun to her.  Hopefully she will eventually tolerate it for a little longer.


  1. sounds almost like my daughter - when she was a teenager; bit more eye-hand coordination - but about as much tolerance for pictures. Kids are a funny thing when taking pictures and getting any that are usable is a good start. (I'll stick with teens - except my daughter, of course) Cute picture!

  2. That is very good. I think you are the most patient person I know with kids.. When I grow up I want to be just like you JoAnn:)

  3. You are very smart. I worked with a 3 year old and 5 year old sibling group last week who hate having their photo taken. But an old camera set up on my tripod in front of a little backdrop and each of them was more than happy to play/pose for their sibling who was "taking pictures." I stood behind them and snapped away. Mom was happy with that! You just gotta do what it takes!

  4. Thank You Jennifer and Nicki. Susan that is an awesome idea!