Monday, September 10, 2012

# 253 of 365 for September 9, 2012

     As I walked along the pier to a lighthouse and neared the grassy sands of the beach I saw these flip flops and immediately said "that is a picture".  It is quiet common for me to say this.... I say it quiet often actually... but the more I thought about the shoes, the more I realized not only did the shoes represent a picture but they also told a story.
      I imagined lovers strolling hand in hand on the beach, taking a break from the toil of life and enjoying each other's company.  I pictured two people who loved to feel the sand squish beneath their feet, and the waves roll over their feet and splash around their ankles, as they strolled along the beach, just barely in the wake of the waves.
      I envisioned two people enjoying all the pleasures of the beach.... the beautiful puffy clouds, the briskness of the wind as it blew through their hair, the rough texture of the sand beneath their feet, the coolness of the sand splashed with water from the waves, the soft dry sand warmed by the the bright sun shining down from heaven, the calls of the sea gulls and the beautiful sounds of the waves splashing ashore.  And even now as I think about the scene, it makes me long for and look forward to  the next time I can do the same thing :)


  1. Wow - love your shot!! Miss the beach!!

  2. Gorgeous shot. The composition is perfect.

  3. Fantastic photo, and I love the story too!

  4. Definitely a story and a perfect picture.

  5. I Loved the phot, the story added so much more to it!!