Friday, March 9, 2012

#68 of 365 for March 9, 2012

     The other day I saw 3 swans out on the river. They are such graceful, beautiful birds and I would love to shoot them, so I went looking for them today..  They were no where to be found :(  But I did find a couple of strange looking geese.  They were not very keen on posing and squawked a bit then proceeded to swim away.  Mr. Seagull was a little more cooperative but when I tried to move closer he decided to scoot a little farther down the shore.  By then I was freezing as it was about 30 degrees with a real feel temp of 16 due to the wind and I decided the few shots I did get would do for today.  We are supposed to have highs in the 50's next week so I will try again when it is warmer.
 Do you know what kind of goose this is?  If you do, tell me in the comments........  pretty please :)

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